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Peer Review Excellence: training and certification

We offer the world’s first peer review certification programme dedicated to the physical sciences. ‘Peer Review Excellence: training and certification’ has been developed in collaboration with leading researchers to bring you a free and accessible learning experience.

The training programme offers you a choice of an online course, or an interactive workshop – either route supports your journey to achieving certification and IOP Trusted Reviewer status.

Why undertake Peer Review Excellence training?

We offer the choice of an online course, or an .

Both training options are designed with busy early career researchers in mind and are supported by our experienced reviewers and Editorial Board Members. Here are just some of the reasons to take the course:

  • Boost your reviewer competency
  • Help standardise the quality of peer review &Բ;
  • Increase trust in the peer review process &Բ;
  • Fast track to IOP Trusted Reviewer status 

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IOP Trusted Reviewer status &Բ;

Achieving IOP Trusted Reviewer status recognises the absolute best peer reviewers. It is reserved for the top 15% of diligent reviewers who consistently demonstrate excellence in their work. By achieving this status, you will not only give back to the scientific community, but also receive certification.

What sets us apart? We’re the only publisher recognising reviewers based on the quality of their reviews. Once you’ve completed our comprehensive Peer Review Excellence training or submitted an exceptional review, you’ll be awarded the esteemed IOP Trusted Reviewer status.

Peer Review Excellence online course

Unlock your potential as a peer reviewer with our comprehensive online course. Dive into three essential units: Peer Review Fundamentals, Writing an Excellent Review, and Peer Review Ethics. The course takes an average of 2 hours to complete, learning at your own pace — whether you’re on your mobile, tablet, or desktop.

As you progress, earn valuable experience points and tackle assessments. By completing this course, you will emerge as a confident peer reviewer, ready to fast-track your journey toward becoming an IOP Trusted Reviewer.

Peer Review Excellence workshops 

Our popular peer review workshops are co-chaired by a Peer Review ambassador. You will explore peer review fundamentals, gain practical experience, and take the first step toward IOP Trusted Reviewer certification.

The workshop covers essential aspects of peer review in the physical sciences, equipping you with valuable skills for effective evaluation and ethical conduct. Upon completion, you will receive a workshop attendance certificate. The duration is approximately 2.5 hours, including a practical exercise and a short break.

Meet our peer review ambassadors

Peer Review Excellence highlights


More than 2000 Peer Review Excellence graduates


More than 10,000 researchers have become an IOP Trusted Peer Reviewer


More than 4,300 researchers have signed up to our online course